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Why book a fixed desk or hot desk?

For certain roles and functions, reporting everyday to the HQ office isn’t always ideal. It’s not convenient for everyone, and the time that could be spent working might be wasted on travelling back and forth. This setup is not only costly — it also prevents your business from forming agile teams and maximizing efficiency.

By leasing a few fixed desks or hot desks, you can organize your business according to specific needs. Find workspace for your sales team near your client base, set up an off-site innovation lab, host temporary additional headcount — or simply give employees the option to switch up their environment every now and then!

For solopreneurs and freelancers, all you need is just a base to “plug and play” from. A desk can easily serve that purpose. You gain the convenience of a flexible lease for a fitted workspace, as well as the opportunity to build business connections with like-minded peers.

With hot desks and fixed desks, the options are endless. They can be rented anywhere, for as short as a day to a few months or as long as you need. With any full-time package, your business also gets access to on-site meeting rooms, phone booths, pantries (coffee, tea and sometimes even free snacks), and other professional amenities.

Let’s break down the key benefits:

Fixed Desk

Dedicated or “fixed” desks guarantee your team a permanent spot at a coworking space. You get a space reserved just for you, without the extra expense of a closed-door private office! Unlike hot desks, fixed desks give you the stability and peace-of-mind that comes with a guaranteed setup. Teams get the best of both worlds: you can network and collaborate in an open environment, while also getting the option to personalise and brand your own space. For roles that require monitors, cameras, or other equipment, dedicated desks can also be a lifesaver. No need to carry heavy belongings to and from work everyday!

Hot Desk

Some businesses don’t need permanent workstations, and value greater mobility in their workspace. With hot desks, your team can work from anywhere, any time, on a first-come, first-served basis. For global coworking brands, “anywhere” could also mean other coworking locations across the world! In some spaces, you can even take up part-time packages that allow your team to hot desk for an allocated number of days per month. Employees can just drop in whenever they need to, and your business pays for only as much as you use.

GorillaSpace provides the full range of fixed desks and hot desking solutions in Singapore. Whether you’re an enterprise looking to host specialized teams, or a freelancer looking for “plug and play” options, we can provide customised solutions for your business needs. Explore options across various locations.

GorillaSpace showcases the full range of fixed desks and hot desking solutions in Singapore. Explore part-time and full-time packages across various locations.

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