Advertise your space to 15,000 businesses every month*

*As of January 2020 and growing

In 2019, we generated over S$15million in
rental revenue for our Singapore listing partners.

Why list with GorillaSpace?

  • Warm, qualified leads

    With our advanced recommendation feature, we expertly match new space requirements to your available listings. Warm leads save you time to focus on doing the best deals.

  • Fast and easy

    There is no upfront cost to list on GorillaSpace. Creating your first listing is fast and easy. We’ll show you how to get your listings up and running in five minutes!

  • Curated by marketing experts

    We optimise your listing to reach your target audience quickly. You have more tenants to choose from.

  • Professional photos and 360 panoramas

    Our high-resolution photos and virtual tours give users a helpful
    preview of the space they want to lease.

How to start listing

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    Sign up for free

    Start listing immediately without any charges.

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    Create a listing

    Tell us about your space, including photos and price.

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    We find you tenants

    Connect with qualified leads who are looking at your space.

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of institutional landlords, brokerage firms, coworking operators, serviced office operators, and companies with available workspaces and venues.

Our focus is in helping businesses find the best workspace solution from among a wide spectrum of flexible solutions ranging from coworking to bare-shell office spaces. Our target size is all available space less than 6,000 sqft.

What our partners say

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with GorillaSpace! Apart from connecting us with new leads on a daily basis, the UI-UX of the platform has been improving every day. A shout out to the team who has ensured that the partner experience is an enriching one."
Malcom Ng
Senior Regional Sales Associate,
"We have worked closely with GorillaSpace and they have brought us quality leads over the years that have led to many tenants with JustCo. Their recently launched GorillaSearch™ service has also proven effective in connecting the right spaces with the right clients based on an initial requirement filter system."
Brandon Chia
General Manager,
JustCo Singapore
"Working with GorillaSpace is a pleasure. They bring us many qualified deals. In 2019, we presented GorillaSpace with an award as one of our top 5 partners, and being the only startup. And we look forward to many more years of collaboration."
Clarice Lum
Business Development Director,

Examples of clients who would be leasing your space

Frequently asked questions

We are laser focused on flexible space including workspace and venues. Working together with our listing partners like you, we bring the most accurate selection of available spaces in coworking, serviced offices, corporate shadow space, fitted office spaces, small bare-shell office spaces, meeting rooms and corporate events.

Our team brings more than 50 years of combined expertise in commercial real estate transactions, digital marketing, and building innovative tools, to help you better market your available spaces.

Our proprietary tech and workflows, such as our recommendation tool, bring you better qualified leads, helping you lease your available spaces more quickly.

To get started, complete this form. One of our experts will guide you through the platform. After the first introduction, you’ll see how easy it is to create, modify, and promote your own listings.

When you market your space with GorillaSpace, we provide each listing with high-resolution interior photos, 360º virtual panoramic tours, and a guarantee of no duplicate listings. Each listing on GorillaSpace is reviewed, curated, and optimised with the latest advances in the top search algorithms, thereby driving maximum viewers to your listing(s).

We also provide bespoke paid digital marketing services to listing partners seeking to maximise the reach of their marketing campaigns. Contact us for a confidential proposal.

Our listing partners include global coworking operators and publicly listed commercial real estate funds. Virtually all our listing partners have their own websites and in some cases even list their own vacancies online.

The strength of GorillaSpace is that we are a marketplace that covers a wide range of flexible spaces and property types - meaning that businesses can preview and compare from a wide selection of options. In combination with our recommendation tool, we drive high-value leads to you that are much more likely to convert.

GorillaSpace is a very qualified additional partner to complement your other marketing initiatives.

As a head tenant, once you have the landlord’s consent to market the space, you can create “private” listings on GorillaSpace that do not appear for everyone to see in the main search. Private listings only appear in GorillaSearch™ recommendations when a space requirement is a “good match” with your available space. The space user can then contact you, the listing partner, directly through our messaging feature.

With our smart technology, we can efficiently match a space requirement with your available spaces in near real time. Businesses save time and money when they receive curated workspace recommendations from us. Contact us for a demo on how it all works.

Absolutely! Good photos and 360 panos of a space means lots of clicks. We offer VR tours, videos, 360 panos and HD photos. We will also give your space the "Verified listing" stamp of approval when we visit your space. Contact us for pricing.

Once a tenant has signed the lease with you, we earn a percentage of the rent you receive. You do not pay anything until we have introduced and brought you a paying tenant.

For venue partners: once the customer has booked and paid for the space, we earn a percentage of the total booking fee you receive.