Need to end your lease early?

Market your surrender office with GorillaSpace.

You may be looking to terminate your office lease earlier than expected—whatever the reason may be.
The prospect of paying your landlord a lump sum to pre-terminate your lease is surely the worst-case option. While some businesses may be vacating their offices, many others are also looking for a ‘plug-and-play’ workspace solution.
Your office, with its partitions, meeting rooms, and furniture already in place could be the perfect fit for the next occupier.

Find the right replacement tenant in record time.

GorillaSpace can help market your surrender offices and minimize your costs.
Showcase and actively promote your space with optimized listings
GorillaSpace is the first online marketplace to show off workspaces with immersive 360° panoramas, virtual tours, and HD photos. We also offer an opt-in only marketing service managed by our in-house marketing experts to actively promote your listing.
Get matched to warm leads with relevant requirements
With our smart recommendation engine, your spaces are matched only to businesses with relevant requirements. Don’t want the entire market to know about your space? We can market your space as a private listing, and only the best candidates for your space will be notified about its availability.
No upfront costs!
There is no upfront cost to create a basic listing on GorillaSpace. For faster results, opt-in to our bespoke paid Integrated Marketing Service.
Market your surrender offices now

Start marketing your space in just 3 easy steps.

Get your landlord’s consent
It’s important to first communicate with your landlord and obtain consent before marketing your space. In most cases, your landlord will allow you to find either a replacement tenant to completely take over the lease, or at least a sub-tenant who pays a monthly share of the rent. Your landlord will inform you under what terms they are willing to consider your lease pre-termination.
Create a listing
Now that you have your landlord’s consent, you are ready to fill out a brief survey to share basic details about your space, including location, size, rental price, and any relevant amenities. Our team of marketing experts will do the work of optimizing and promoting your listings to bring you leads.
Connect with leads
With a GorillaSpace Admin account, you can receive and respond to inquiries directly from qualified leads interested in your space.
Frequently asked questions
Why choose GorillaSpace?
Recommendation Engine: Our proprietary smart recommendation engine brings you qualified leads in record time. Our matches convert better.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions: If you need your space to move fast, we have the marketing prowess to deliver maximum exposure. Ask about our opt-in bespoke paid marketing services.

List Privately: If letting the market know you’re giving up office space is inconvenient, we can enable ‘private’ listings. Your identity is kept strictly anonymous. You can view the feed of incoming matched leads and you have absolute discretion of which leads to accept and pursue.

I don’t have professional-grade photos of my space. Can you help?
Absolutely! Our in-house media team will arrange a convenient time to capture HD photos and 360° panos to pair with your listing. GorillaSpace is the first marketplace to take 360° panos of over 90% of the flexible workspace market in Singapore—we know how to use media to help you lease your space.

Can I use my broker?
Yes. We are happy to feature your appointed broker on the listing and to send all leads to them for further consideration.

Interested in taking your marketing to the next level with interactive visual tours and videos? We can customize a special media package for you. Get in touch at or +65 8817 9170 for more information.

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