Top Reasons To Consider Serviced Offices for Rent

With many different office types stirring around you, such as coworking, serviced offices, surplus space, long-term space, how can one make the right choice? This article is dedicated to helping you know the top reasons to consider a serviced office. Before we launch into the various reasons, here’s a quick refresher on what exactly a serviced office is.

Considered to be “flexible workspace”, a serviced office is an office that is fully equipped with shared work amenities and managed by a facility management company. Serviced office tenants may or may not be employed by the same organization, which is why serviced offices are usually divided into smaller individual offices or floors. In this way, different businesses can occupy their own section of the office for ideal independence and privacy. Most serviced offices include shared spaces and amenities, such as a pantry, reception, event space, etc. Serviced offices are often located in business districts around the globe.

Read more in depth about what serviced offices are here: “Everything You Need To Know About Serviced Offices.” If you are already familiar with the concept of serviced offices and are ready to search for one, it may be helpful to read the latest article in our series, “How To Find The Perfect Serviced Office.” This article will give you more specific tips on choosing the best serviced office for your company.

Serviced offices are traditionally known as ‘flexible workspace.’ Flexible workspaces are offices you can lease for shorter periods of time and give you the ability to scale up or down with you as your team grows and evolves. Leases can be as short as 1 month or as long as 12 months, with an option to renew at the same serviced office.

Pay-As-You-Use Facilities
With serviced offices, you pay for what you use. Don’t need the extra seat? Don’t need to pay! As simple as that. This is a great way to cut costs, while still having access to facilities when you need them. If you need to book a meeting room in the serviced office, you simply pay the hourly fee for the use of the meeting room.

Secretarial Services
Another huge perk of serviced offices are the secretarial services offered to tenants. Having a receptionist in your serviced office, for example, is a great touch when clients or partners come to your office. It helps guests find who they’re looking for quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the secretarial services can also include phone-answering services.This is a major key feature, especially when you are in meetings with little time to answer phone calls. It’s crucial for small businesses to know that someone ‘has your back,’ with phone calls.Telephone answering services assure that you will not miss calls and potential business opportunities. Sign me up!

A few serviced offices may also offer members the option of setting up a mailing address at the office. This means all of your cheques, bills, letters, packages etc. are available for you at your office. Mail receiving convenience is key for business. Small businesses cannot afford to waste time to pick-up at the local post office or keep a constant lookout for important deliveries.

Serviced offices are known to provide a good amount of privacy for members. You can finally say bye bye to the glass walls and showing the world what you’re working on. Not to mention better sound-proof offices too! Privacy as a priority will vary from business to business. If you are, for instance, a small startup who isn’t concerned that your office has glass walls, a coworking private office may work just fine for you. On the other hand, many businesses who are scaling to the next level can be concerned about information and data being leaked.A serviced office may be the right solution for the company at this stage.

Move In Without Downtime
“When you move to new premises the downtime can significantly hinder the flow of business,” as stated by a Tech Co article. One of the greatest conveniences of serviced offices is that everything is already set up for you! This means no downtime is required when moving offices. “Everything from communications systems to office equipment will be operational from the second you step in the door,” making your transition into your new serviced office as smooth and seamless as possible. Let’s be honest, none of us have time to waste!

Global and Regional Locations
Many serviced offices offer tenants the chance to work from their network of overseas offices. This means that if your employee works out of a serviced office in Singapore, they can also work out of the serviced offices’ Sydney branch, for instance, as well as Hong Kong or Bangkok and work from there – for free! Having a regional or global network of workspaces is a great way to cut costs, expand your network, and enable flexibility worldwide.

IT Help/Tech Resources
An additional reason to consider serviced offices are the proficient, fully-staffed IT help centers. This can be a huge lifesaver, especially if connecting to printers, scanners, photocopiers or servers are not your forte. Additionally, the serviced office IT staff knows exactly what to do when you need IT help.

Furthermore, many serviced offices offer tenants access to a tech portal. This is perfect for getting your hands on some great resources, as you can also use it to network and find the many tenants on the portal.

The security in serviced offices is top-notch. Most offices have physical security measures, such as special locks and security cameras, as well as technical security, such as private server space.

Final Thoughts
The key question to ask when deciding if a serviced office is right for you is: what types of services do I/my business need? Each business prioritizes different things, hence why businesses around the world use all of the different office types. Some absolutely thrive in the lively community of coworking, while others appreciate the private company culture that long-term spaces allow. It’s all dependent on what’s right for your business at its current stage and foreseeable future. Be sure to consider these top factors when determining if a serviced office is right for your business.

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