Hot desks at The Carrot Patch, one of the coworking spaces in Singapore, comprised of two white long-tables and orange chairs.

The 4 Top Coworking Spaces of August 2018

Last month, we featured a diverse spread of coworking spaces in Singapore for our #AwesomeWorkspace series. Each has a different ‘vibe’ suited for various business requirements, ranging from the formal suit-and-tie enterprise to the creative, fun-loving startup. There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to coworking. With over 100 coworking spaces across the island, there’s something out there for small and medium-sized businesses. Read this article to get a handy recap of the top coworking spaces we’ve featured last month and recommendations from our Space Experts.

1.   Posh and stylish luxury space at Orchard

Named as one of the “World’s Coolest Offices” by, this coworking space sets the bar high when it comes to luxury. Located along Orchard Road – the fashion district of Singapore – the space is carefully designed with its surroundings in mind. In fact, the interior designer of this coworking space is the same one behind Marina Bay Sands and the Four Seasons Hotel. As such, this coworking space exhibits a combination of glamorous style and efficiency to create a posh, high-end atmosphere for its members. Businesses with a “Hot Office” membership are given credits to book private on-demand offices by the hour or day. The space also collaborates with like-minded businesses in the retail space, including big names like Tiffany & Co.!


An image of The Great Room coworking space's hot desks at Ngee Ann City, along with a brief text description of the space's top three features

Our Recommendation: This space is perfect for client-facing businesses in the retail or fashion space looking for a professional setting. When it comes to headcount, this space has workspace options for businesses with 2 to 20 to even 70 employees! Corporate enterprises are more than welcome to set up shop here.

2.   A “people-first” coworking space for AI buffs

Whereas the luxury coworking space on Orchard Road appeals to bigger corporates, this space near Redhill MRT on the East-West line gives off a more relaxed, “chill-out” vibe. The space is home to various lifestyle amenities, including an on-site swimming pool, gym, foosball court, and ping pong table. Additionally, the space offers catering services for events due to its partnership with a well-known seafood grill restaurant. Despite these lifestyle perks, don’t be mistaken – this space isn’t all about fun and games. In fact, coworking members get access to an extensive mentor network of industry experts in the AI space. Day passes, fixed desks and dedicated desks are available in addition to flexible monthly memberships.


A rooftop patio with a table and a few chairs, accessible by members of The Carrot Patch coworking space. A text description of the space's top qualities is written on the image.

Our Recommendation: This is one of the top coworking spaces for entrepreneurs and startups in AI, IT, or tech who can benefit from the specialized insights and support of industry veterans. If you strongly value work-life balance, this is the one for you. Businesses who have on-and-off workspace requirements can also benefit from the flexi 10-day passes available.

Get a real feel of the space through HD photos and 360 panos here.

3.   De-stressing workspace at River Valley

As a full-on lifestyle coworking space, this next one is a treat for your mind and soul. Located along River Valley, this space is near downtown but still far enough from the hustle and bustle of the CBD to maintain a sense of peace. The building is surrounded by a bed of lush greenery, creating a soothing and relaxing vibe. A monthly membership in this coworking space entitles you to 24/7 building access, a complimentary front desk service, a swimming pool and gym. Seating areas are also available on the rooftop – a perfect spot for team bonding and after-work socials. An interesting fact: this coworking space is actually connected to a serviced apartment complex!


A photo of a swimming pool in front of greenery and trees, located right next to the Thanksgiving coworking space. A brief description on the space's top three qualities are superimposed on the photo.

Our Recommendation: This space is great for small businesses who value lifestyle perks for their team and for colleagues visiting from overseas. Furthermore, this space is great for those who appreciate a homey atmosphere slightly detached from Singapore’s corporate climate. There are no private offices here, so this space is best for small teams or solo entrepreneurs.

Take a look at HD photos and 360 panos of the space here.

4.   High-end coworking space with a great view

Last but definitely not least, we have another high-end coworking space in town. Located at Harbourfront, this coworking space is only five minutes away from VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall. This space itself offers great natural lighting, with wide windows that allow for a stunning view of the iconic Singapore cable cars running across a sea of greenery. The interior design is refined and professional, with glass private offices and a streamlined, neutral colour palette. A range of workspace types are available for different business needs, including hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for small teams.

Private office with desks, ergonomic chairs and a window view of Harbourfront from the CoQoons coworking space. On top of this image is a short text description about the space's top three qualities.

Our Recommendation: Similar to the coworking space along Orchard Road, this space is tailored for a more traditional, professional crowd. Small businesses who expect to receive clients often and appreciate an especially convenient location should consider this space.

Interested to see more of this space? Browse through HD photos and 360 panos here.

Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces come in many shapes and sizes. Last month, we showcased four top coworking spaces: two that cater to professional corporate crowds, and two that ditch the suit and tie for a more lifestyle-oriented vibe. At the end of the day, both types have merit, so you have to think carefully about what you want as a business to decide which space is worth considering. To learn more about the process of choosing a coworking space, read our case study about a company who successfully transitioned to a coworking space.

If you need guidance in understanding what kind of space is right for your business, reach out to one of our Space Experts at or +65 8817 9170. We’re happy to give you our personalized recommendations. Otherwise, watch this space for more blog posts showcasing some of the coolest spaces available!

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