A photo of the main hotdesking area at CoQoons, one of the best coworking spaces in Singapore featured for September 2018. Rows of white desks lie on each side of a central path, flanked by dividers and facing a window view of Marina Bay.

September 2018 Recap: Our 5 Best Coworking Spaces in Singapore

This September, we featured a collection of spaces in our #AwesomeWorkspace series from several big-name coworking operators in Singapore. All are located in prestigious business addresses and feature state-of-the-art design and amenities. In fact, some of these spaces are brand new or newly renovated, providing a fresh setting for your business to set up shop. For more information on the world of coworking spaces in Singapore, check out our guide on what coworking is all about first. In this blog, we some of the best coworking spaces in Singapore for the month and offer our Space Experts’ insights on which space would best suit your business needs.

1.   Professional coworking at Harbourfront

In this posh coworking space at Harbourfront, you get to bask in a stunning window view of the Singapore cable cars gliding across a bed of lush greenery. The space itself is beautiful on its own, with glass private offices and a sleek, professional aesthetic. A range of workspace types are available for different business requirements, including day passes, hot desks, dedicated desks, and private offices for up to 4 people. With VivoCity – the largest mall in Singapore – only a short walk away, this space allows for convenient access to all the amenities you need.

Our Recommendation: This coworking space is ideal for businesses who are looking for flexible workplace arrangements and appreciate a professional vibe to their space. You value convenient access to widespread amenities and ample natural lighting for your team. This space is suited for entrepreneurs and small teams with a headcount of 1-4.

Are you feeling this space? See more with HD photos and 360 panos here.

2.   Hi-tech office at Harbourfront

Also located at Harbourfront, this space brings the best of both a serviced office and a professional coworking space. To live up to its modern aesthetic, this space utilizes a smart mobile app for room bookings and checking in guests. There’s something for everybody in this space, which offers a diverse range of workspace types, from day passes to coworking hot desks to private serviced offices for 6. A virtual office package for handling calls and mail is also available for businesses on the go. To top it off, the space features a gorgeous sea view from a high-rise location in Keppel Bay Tower.

Our Recommendation: Like the other Harbourfront space, this one is also suited for small startups and businesses looking for a professional vibe. The high-quality meeting rooms and smart technology makes this space great for receiving clients and investors. This space is suited for a headcount of 1-6.

Check out HD photos and 360 panos of this coworking space here.

3.   Designer coworking space in the CBD

Next up, we have a brand new coworking space closer to the heart of the CBD. This is the second location of a coworking brand known for its award-winning interiors. Located on North Bridge Road, this space is polished with luxurious furnishings and design, which is equal parts beautiful and functional. Like the other spaces on this list, this coworking space caters to businesses at different stages of growth, from freelancers with temporary workspace needs to larger teams in need of a private office. The offices are designed to accommodate teams from 1 person to 300 persons on flexible lease terms. Members are entitled to unlimited use of meeting rooms, and pricing is all-inclusive. What’s not to love?

Our Recommendation: This space is perfect for businesses looking for a high-end, designer location with easy access to the CBD. This space offers ultimately flexibility, so startups and SMEs of almost any size are welcome. You are attracted to the newness of this coworking space and don’t mind being one of its early members.

To get a real feel of the space, browse through HD photos and 360 panos here.

4.   Lifestyle coworking at Raffles Place

This next space is also newly renovated and brought to you by one of the largest coworking operators in the world. Located only two minutes away from Raffles Place MRT, this space is nothing short of convenient. Nearby amenities and F&B options include Lau Pa Sat, one of the most iconic food markets in Singapore. This space in particular is one of four locations in Singapore, and like its siblings, it features a prominent lounge space to enhance the creativity, comfort and productivity of its members. This location in particular targets SMEs, with private offices for headcounts of 3, 10 and even 21+!

Our Recommendation: Unlike the previous spaces, which cater to a very professional crowd, this coworking space exhibits a more fun, relaxed atmosphere. Startups in creative or tech spaces might appreciate this vibe the most. The space caters to businesses of many sizes who want a convenient location and the support from a global coworking giant.

Visit this page to see HD photos and 360 panos of the space.

5.   Lifestyle coworking on Anson Road

This month, we featured not one, but two excellent coworking spaces run by the same global operator mentioned previously. This space is located on Anson Road, a prime CBD location near Tanjong Pagar MRT and a great business address for receiving clients. Like its other locations, this coworking unit puts plenty of emphasis on lifestyle and collaboration. Unique features include a brainstorming room with writable walls as well as a wellness room for nursing mothers or for those who simply need a space to chill. Members can also rent out a well-equipped event space, which comes with a projector, screen and sound system. Similar to other locations, this space offers businesses a range of workspace options for different headcounts.

Our Recommendation: This space is also ideal for businesses who don’t want something too “corporate” and are attracted to lifestyle-oriented amenities. The Tanjong Pagar area should be accessible for your business networks and employees. The space caters to businesses of many sizes who want a convenient location and the support from a global coworking giant.

Take a look at 360 panos and HD photos of this coworking space here.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve explored in previous features on top coworking spaces in Singapore, there’s an amazing diversity of coworking spaces in Singapore. In September, we invited you to take a look at some of the “big names” with some of the best coworking spaces in Singapore. Not all have the same vibe, with some geared towards a more corporate, professional crowd and others that exhibit a more energetic and playful atmosphere. Coworking is no longer a startup phenomenon, as more established SMEs are beginning to rent private offices at coworking spaces. At the end of the day, it’s always good practice to see these spaces for yourself and get a feel for which would suit your business.

Despite all the buzz around coworking, it might even not be the the right workspace category for you to begin with. Other SMEs value the freedom to take ownership over their own space and office culture in a long-term office. To learn why, read up on our latest coworking case study about a company who moved from coworking to claim their own space in a traditional office. There are a variety of other workspace options for SMEs, ranging from shared offices to long-term shophouse units.

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