Two side-by-side breakout spaces in offices that serve as workspace inspiration

#OfficeEnvy: Workspace Inspiration

We all have our dream office in our heads. It has the perfect interior, comfortable furniture, a productive environment, greenery, and natural light. Maybe even a nap room! Although it can be hard to transfer this dream into a reality, many offices from around the world have done so. We created this collage of #OfficeEnvy worthy offices that give businesses the workspace inspiration they need.

Based on user studies on over 100 businesses, we identified several factors that people look out for when choosing the right office. Popular choices tend to include creative layouts, a departure from the traditional Dilbert cubicle setup. Open spaces with a variety of shared spaces and breakout floors resonate with a new generation of workers that value work-life balance, mobility, and sociability in their working environments.

Natural light is also a big plus, making floor-to-ceiling windows in high demand! Great lighting automatically adds a boost of warmth and positivity to any space, increasing the overall productivity and vibe of your office space. As a bonus, some offices with large windows also offer a great view of the building’s surroundings, heightening the sense of openness in the environment. Of course, who doesn’t want to admire a stunning high-rise view from their office desk?

A collage of inspiring workspaces with creative layouts and open spaces, along with the hashtag #OfficeEnvy

Some of the inspiring workspaces we saw that wowed us with their creative design

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