The 7 Best Meeting Venues For Your Annual General Meeting

While the end of the year may be marked by holidays and celebrations, for many businesses, it is also a time for evaluating performance, consolidating reports, and setting new goals. Here comes the Annual General Meeting (AGM), a meeting where all shareholders in an incorporated company gather to evaluate performance for the year and discuss directions moving forward. Preparing for the AGM can be a stressful journey—sending out invites, producing financial reports, setting the meeting agenda etc. Of course, there’s one important logistics question to ask yourself—where should the AGM be held? To help with your search for the best meeting venue, we’ve compiled a list of the top AGM spaces for SMEs.

The right venue for an AGM can vary from business to business. Multinational corporations sometimes rent out large ballroom spaces at hotels to accommodate a large shareholder headcount. Smaller businesses, on the other hand, are more likely to hold their AGMs in classic boardroom spaces for key board members.

Under Section 201 of the Company Act, businesses in Singapore are required to present financial statements at the AGM. Given the sensitive nature of these documents, it is crucial that the AGM be held in a closed-door, private space. Additionally, these spaces should convey professionalism, with little to no distractions.

1.   Luxury meeting room for 12 at Bugis

This posh meeting room is housed in a brand new, premium space at Bugis. Consistent with the rest of the space, this meeting room for 12 is just as polished when it comes to furnishing and amenities, with special care given to the interior design. Not only does the space offer large floor-ceiling windows and a stunning high-rise view, it also comes with a smart board and video conferencing equipment. Acoustic treatment is in place to ensure privacy and visitors get access to a full-service gourmet pantry.

Our Recommendation: This boardroom seats 12 persons comfortably around an oval table. The high-end design and comfort of the space, in general, are great for impressing board members and key investors.

Learn more about this meeting room with HD photos and 360 panos here.

2.   Private seminar room for 20 at Tanjong Pagar

The standard around-the-table boardroom layout may not always be your cup of tea. This next space in Tanjong Pagar can be adapted for a seminar room layout, which is perfect if you plan to screen in-depth presentation materials. To ensure privacy, this room is tucked out of sight, and comes with curtains and solid wooden doors to soundproof the space. On top of flexible room layouts, this meeting space comes with video conferencing equipment, whiteboards, flipcharts, and complimentary drinks. To top if off, a friendly reception is on board to welcome your guests warmly and discreetly.

Our Recommendation: If privacy is your top concern, then this enclosed, intimate space for 30 is one of the best options for your upcoming AGM. As with the first two options, this meeting room is great for businesses looking for a classy, professional vibe in town.

Like this space? Click here to explore HD photos and 360 panos.

3.   Green meeting room for 20 at City Hall

Located along South Beach Road, this next meeting room is easily accessible from both the City Hall and Esplanade MRT stations. The building as a whole is well-known for its modern, innovative design and focus on sustainability. The room itself is spacious enough for 20 seats around a classic boardroom table. Available amenities include AV equipment, coffee and tea, whiteboards, Internet connectivity, and all the tools you need for a productive meeting.

Our Recommendation: The biggest perk of this space is its accessibility in the CBD. It’s suited for AGMs that expect up to 20 guests. Furthermore, if you’re a brand that cares about sustainability and green design, this space was built for you!

Visit this page to look at HD photos and 360 panos of the space.

4.   Professional meeting room for 30 at Raffles Place

Here’s another option in the CBD for smaller businesses who expect a more intimate turnout at their AGM. This beautifully-designed venue in a coworking space exudes luxury and style. The layout of the space can be arranged to accommodate up to 30 guests. Coffee, tea and drinks are available to make them feel at home. Don’t worry about privacy—the room’s glass walls are blocked out with non-translucent screens to keep your meeting strictly confidential.

Our Recommendation: This venue is great for businesses in the CBD who are not expecting a very large turnout of shareholders. The luxurious and calm vibe of the space leaves a great impression on corporate board members and investors.

5.   Historic event space for 80 near City Hall

This next space is one renowned for its historical significance. Back in the 1950s, this space was utilized by then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew for discreet meetings and discussions. Today, many companies rent this historical room for their AGMs,  as well as various meetings on business strategy and performance. The room can fit 80 persons in a theatre setup, and the booking comes with AV equipment. Catering options are available or hop on down to their in-house cafe.

Our Recommendation: This space is perfect for businesses looking to add a touch of cultural flavor to their AGM venue. As with most of the other options on this list, the space features a professional and formal design and is centrally located.

Experience this venue with 360 panos and HD photos here.

6.   High-tech event space for 250 at Raffles Place

This tech-savvy space can comfortably seat 110 guests and boasts a 250-pax standing capacity. Located right at the heart of Raffles Place, this venue should be easily accessible for your shareholders and board members in the CBD. The venue occupies its own, private floor, separate from the coworking offices and workstations in the building. A wide smart screen is available for large audiences to see presentation materials. Catering services and a friendly staff are on board help your meeting run smoothly!

Our Recommendation: This venue is great for larger SMEs with a large shareholder base. This is a suitable option if you’re looking for a more high-end, corporate vibe to your space in a very accessible CBD location.

Preview the space with HD photos and 360 panos here.

7.   Grand ballroom for 400 at Jurong West

While most of the spaces on this list are centrally-located, more and more business hubs are emerging in the West. That’s why we’ve also included this high-end ballroom space located at the heart of the Jurong Innovation District. Nearby are a number of well-known universities and research institutions in the tech space This venue can fit up to 400 people and stands out with its luxurious, golden furnishings. An in-house Halal caterer is available for functions of all sizes, and on top of that, a complimentary shuttle service is readily available for taking attendees to and from Jurong East MRT!

Our Recommendation: Due to its size, this space is especially suited for large corporates or even medium-sized companies. In particular, tech companies with headquarters in the West would find this location ideal because of its proximity.

Browse through HD photos and 360 panos of this ballroom here (now defunct).

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing the right venue boils down to how many people and what kind of audience you expect to attend your AGM or your company’s year-end function. A general rule of thumb, given the formal nature of the event, is to choose a location that looks as classic and professional as possible. Save the fun and creative spaces for other purposes, like end-of-year parties and networking socials.

On GorillaSpace, you can find a wide variety of meeting rooms for rent in all locations throughout Singapore. When it comes to classic, professional meeting spaces, the list covered in this article barely scratches the surface. You can get a real feel of each space on our platform with 360 panos and HD photos. Moreover, you can contact Space Owners directly for details on availability and pricing. Need some advice on what type of space you should be looking for? Give our Space Experts a call at+65 8817 9170 or drop us an email at pay ps займзайм простосрочный займ на карту на длительный срок срочный займ в москвемоментальный займ онлайнзайм для бизнеса

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