The hot desking area at the TradingPLC coworking space at Bugis, consisting of several round tables with simple chairs and a floor-to-ceiling window view.

The 5 Hottest Hot Desking Spaces in Singapore

A trend that first emerged in the 1990s, hot desks have since taken on the workspace world by storm. Hot desking isn’t just for workers who enjoy spontaneity and a change of scenery once in a while. They’re affordable, flexible, and efficient—and they can completely change the way you work. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about hot desks, as well as where to find some of the best ones in Singapore.

What are hot desks?

Rather than sticking with one assigned and permanent work station, members at a coworking space can opt to book a hot desk instead. Book a hot desk for as long as you want: there are daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Seats range from your stereotypical office desk to couches by the window to phone booth seats! Hot desk users have the freedom to sit at whichever seat they prefer—on a first-come, first-served basis—for the day. In some cases, they also unlimited access to all of the available amenities in the office space, such as printing and scanning services, high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms, and pantries. Usually, belongings cannot be kept overnight at hot desks. If items need to be stored, you can request to use storage lockers in the office. Otherwise, you can consider upgrading to a dedicated or “fixed” desk package, which allows you to store your belongings overnight in a secured area.

Who should consider hot desks?

Generally, hot desking is popular among freelancers, solopreneurs, remote workers, consultants, and business travelers because these individuals don’t use heavy file cabinets or desktop computers, and their work doesn’t require them to be at the same desk every day. Thus, they don’t seek out private offices and simply need comfortable access to a workspace during the daytime. Often, these employees will head to overcrowded cafés, restaurants, or bookstores to get their work done. But hot desks are the perfect solution! Located in designated workplaces, hot desks enjoy quiet and conducive atmospheres. (Also check out restaurant-coworking, an innovative hot desk option in restaurants that have been converted into office spaces.)

Hot desking is not only suitable for individual entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also small to medium-sized teams. If the structure of your company doesn’t need the entire team to be in the same place, you should consider allowing your employees to spill out into hot desk spaces. Hot desking enables employees greater autonomy, and it significantly cuts down on real estate expenses. In a traditional office, there is always the risk of having too much unused space due to unprecedented changes in headcount Renting out additional hotdesks can help avoid the hefty costs of excess space.

Another advantage of hot desking is that it’s a great way to meet new people. A different seat a day exposes you to a different group of people every day. Working at a hot desk, you’ll potentially build new relationships, find new talent, and learn how other businesses function or what other specialists do. Who knows—the enthusiastic entrepreneur that you sit next to today might become your close collaborator in the future!

The best 5 value-for-money hot desking spaces in Singapore

If you’ve decided that you want to try out hot desking, read on. We’ve saved you the trouble and compiled a list of some of the best hot desk deals in Singapore right now. All of these hot desks are located in verified, well-designed, and professional coworking spaces—so you may even want to come back to this list in the future to lease out a private office as well!

1. TradingPLC at Bugis

Hot desks facing a window view from the TradingPLC coworking space at Bugis

Within walking distance of both Bugis and City Hall MRT stations, this coworking office offers some of the most affordable hot desks in town. Here, you can enjoy freeflow coffee and tea, access to well-equipped meeting rooms, and beautiful window views of the surrounding civic and cultural districts of Singapore. Hot desks in this space are especially suitable for those working in finance, as TradingPLC is “the world’s 1st integrated financial arena.” They focus on bringing traders and investors from all areas into a supportive, comfortable, and efficient investment community ecosystem.

Price: $150/month

2. Thanksgiving Coworking at River Valley

Hot desks available at the Thanksgiving coworking space at River Valley

Looking for a downtown location but can’t get enough of nature? This coworking space is perfect for you—it’s surrounded by lush greenery, contains a rooftop garden, and even features plants built into its external building architecture! Hot desk users at Thanksgiving Coworking will have 24/7 access to the office, as well as a free parking space and unlimited use of the gym and swimming pool.


Price: $180/month (U.P. $220/month), exclusively on GorillaSpace

3. The Work Project Coworking

Hot desks at The Work Project Asia Square

The Work Project coworking offices are well-known for their award winning interior designs and posh ambiences. If you want to see these cutting edge workspace designs for yourself, book a hot desk at one of their four locations in Singapore. All are situated inside of premium Grade A commercial towers, and many are conveniently integrated with cafés, bars, and gyms for your convenience. The Work Project provides top notch service, offering reception, housekeeping, maintenance, IT support, and complimentary refreshments for their members.


Price: $295 – $495/month

4. SPECTRUM Global Coworking in Duo Tower


Hot desking at the SPECTRUM Global coworking space at Bugis

One of the featured listings on the GorillaSpace platform this month is SPECTRUM’s coworking office near Bugis MRT. It’s featured for good reason too: the space is filled with sleek Herman Miller furniture and curated professional artwork. We especially love SPECTRUM’s well-stocked pantry with a bar counter and colorful event spaces: both of which hot desk users have free access to! Booking a hot desk here means you’ll be joining a community of hustlers that work in industries like investment, FinTech, MedTech, and e-commerce.

Price: $175/month

5. MOX Coworking at Katong

If you prefer working away from the crowded and always busy CBD, consider booking a hot desk at this office in Katong. Katong is full of heritage buildings, colonial bungalows, and quaint shophouses—a beautiful architectural environment that is sure to strike inspiration in artists and creatives. In fact, Mox Coworking is a coworking space created specifically for creative-preneurs, designers, and art hobbyists. It was created by Invade, the people behind Artbox Singapore.

Price: $150/month

Final thoughts

Found the hot desk of your dreams? Head to GorillaSpace now to book a visit or message a space operator, and you’re well on your way. If you’re still a little unsure of the exact office location you want, try out our smart recommendation tool: simply tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you a list of the best available options! You can also browse the hundreds of workspaces we have on our platform, all of which come with detailed information and 360° panoramas or HD photos. займ под материнский капитал отзывызаимвивас займ займ за 5 минут спбвзять займ онлайн через систему контактзайм онлайн по паспорту

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