Google’s Singapore Office Space Has Won Our Hearts Completely

The GorillaSpace team recently had the rare chance to visit Google’s new Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore, and we loved it (surprise, surprise!). The Google Singapore office used to be located at Asia Square 1 but has now moved to Mapletree Business City (MBC) II, occupying the third to eighth floors of blocks 60 to 70 and employing over 1,000. Google’s surrounding area, MBC, incorporates a “city” concept, indulging workers in every feature and facility they could dream of, set among a lush, green garden. It was difficult to narrow down our top features, but we did manage eventually: (1) work, (2) food, (3) services catered to employee wellness, and (4) space design for a holistic experience.

Work Experience

Google does a great job of making the work setup within the office very practical and functional. Aside from the comfortable and adjustable chairs, the way the desks are set up provides ample space for each person, providing each user with enough distance from the next desk to be able to comfortably make a call or have a conversation without disturbing others. One of the perks of Google’s Singapore office is the amount of freedom to be able to choose where and how you’d like to work (a coworking space in Singapore is essential!). Google provides employees with the option of working at a fixed desk, hotdesk, in a quiet zone (be sure to turn off your cell phone!), the pantries, as well as the garden area. This is quite remarkable as many large corporations will have a designated area for you to sit and work. Another plus — power plugs are everywhere at Google, which means you can actually work anywhere. In addition, the Google office also provides workers with various comfortable breakout areas; this is crucial for when employees need to escape the bustle and button down.

Food Options

The food options at Google are endless. Breakfast and lunch are served every single day, wait for it… for free. Why not dinner, you may ask. It’s because the team doesn’t want their employees working late… okay Google. Can you get any dreamier? Meals are served at the main Shiok cafeteria, where the cuisine options are endless. From Indian to Italian to Japanese, Google has it all, thoughtfully prepared for their hardworking and (very) hungry employees. Besides the main cafeteria, Google also provides drinks and many a healthy snack for employees, including fresh bell peppers, guacamole, cherry tomatoes, wasabi peas, and much more. Secret tip! When you need the unhealthy snack for a change (which you will after a long day), check the drawers below the healthy snacks! The Google team hides them away to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees. Out of sight, out of mind… Google takes this saying to a new level with the following feature: Within the fridge (which is always stocked to the brim), the healthy drinks (like water and electrolyte beverages) are in full view while the sodas and juices are hidden behind frosted glass. C’mon… does it get any better? Despite Google’s effort to prevent employees from packing on the pounds with a smaller-sized plate (14in instead of 16in), it is said that when someone starts working at Google, they tend to gain weight within the first couple of months. Google, of course, is all over this.

Services Catered to Employee Wellness

In order to help fight the repeat of the “Freshman 15,” Google ensures that employees can stay in tip-top shape with their stunning gym facilities. The gym houses top-notch, updated equipment and is open 24/7 for employees, free of charge, of course. Perhaps, after a killer workout, you can also head over to the nap room (napping at work comes with surprising benefits), which dawns real-deal beds AND eye masks, for the perfect midday cat nap (quite literally). In addition to this, you can even book massages here. Yes, you read that correctly – massages, with a proper masseuse and everything. For seven dollars only! You can best believe that if we were there, we’d be taking full advantage of this! Besides the luxurious massages, Google also provides employees with a new mother’s room, physiotherapy center, meditation room, and manicure salon. One word – wow. But, don’t forget about all of the games set up for employees! This includes a pool table, foosball tables, as well as ping pong. Perhaps this is just the right post-lunch pick-me-up for employees. The management team also puts out different positivity boards from time to time. Overall, Google makes sure that their employees are extremely well taken care of. And they are very smart to do this. Why? Not only is it a necessity and a right for employees to be treated well, but as a result of this amazing environment, employees are just going to want to work harder and do better for their team. It seems as though Google has struck the perfect balance.


Space Design

As one can imagine, Google’s Singapore office has tons of amazing space design qualities, each with its own purpose. One of the first wow-factor elements you will see when entering the office is this giant conglomeration of screens, located right past the main reception. The office can display anything they please on this huge projection. This wide open space was engineered to induce spontaneous interactions between Googlers. Another element we especially enjoyed is Google’s techy corridors with LED lights that can be customized to light up a special message for a VIP guest or company. It’s this sort of attention to detail that makes us, the GorillaSpace team, as well as other visitors, say “WOW!” The Google team also prioritizes their office being biophilic, meaning that lots of greenery and natural light are incorporated within the walls of the space. Citing a Forbes article, “an Exeter University study found that employees were 15% more productive when working in a ‘green’ office than their peers in more spartan environs. A green office appeared to provide a boost to employee engagement, concentration levels, and perceived air quality all showing a rise after the introduction of plants into the office.” Another design element unique to this Google office is the rainforest color palette. You’ll notice that besides Google’s signature corporate colors of red, blue, yellow, and green, the majority of colors in the office stick to the neutral, rainforest-themed color scheme.

Final Thoughts

The GorillaSpace team had a blast visiting Google’s Asia Pacific headquarters, and we are glad we could give you a taste of the office! The Googlers we met here oozed positivity, creativity, and productivity. Triple threat! Leaving Google’s space, we felt one thing: happy. It is evident that Google’s energy within the office is contagious. Google is a worldwide thought leader when it comes to workspace and the holistic experience of a healthy day at work. Of course, GorillaSpace takes inspiration from this.

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