An office breakout space in The Work Project, a coworking space at OUE Downtown. The photo consists of people walking around sitting on grey lounge chairs and sofas, with meeting rooms in the corner.

Coworking in Singapore: Our Journey Along Robinson Road's "Coworking Alley"

As each year progresses, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the number of coworking spaces in Singapore is substantially increasing, specifically in the Central Business District (CBD). Robinson Road, a street smack in the middle of the business district, stands out in particular for being home to a ton of coworking spaces; we have deemed this location the “Coworking Alley” (and rightfully so). But, with an incredible number of options surrounding you and in such close proximity to one another, how can someone make the right decision — choose the right space? That’s where we come in. Our industry experts at GorillaSpace are providing you with the ultimate guide to Singapore’s “Coworking Alley,” the ins and outs of it all.

Coworking spaces in Singapore are no longer a new thing. We know what they are, we understand the concept, and we may even use one ourselves. Ever since Singapore’s first coworking space (Impact Hub Prinsep) opened in 2012, we’ve seen an incredible amount of change. Many spaces have renovated their facilities to promote a healthy workday, dawning pools, gyms, and yoga studios, while others prefer to keep it simple and professional, including only the essentials. Same can be said regarding technology — many coworking spaces have made the very necessary step towards high-speed wi-fi, print/scan/copy equipment, etc. while few do still remain in the dark age. Some spaces promote productivity — others collaboration. Office rental Singapore includes many options… What does your business need?

Functional + Practical

JustCo UIC is spread over two floors of the stylishly designed UIC Building and joined by a grand central staircase. JustCo at UIC creates a large open community that enables members to easily mix and interact. Need a bit of privacy? There are tons of quiet pods for extra focus and phone booths to make private calls. At this space, you get the benefits of being in a collaborative coworking environment while also being able to break out to get good work done.

Premium Building + Design

The Work Project at Capital Tower occupies the entire 12th & 20th floors of the Capital Tower building. This space utilizes and provides high-grade technology infrastructure as well as a community of people and connections among fast-growing companies; perfect for those seeking connections among industry members. Working in this space, you can’t help but feel inspired by the luxurious and aesthetically pleasing building.

The Work Project OUE Downtown Although this coworking space is known for its urban lifestyle design and looks, there is much more than meets the eye; it works great too. The Work Project works with top architects and thought leaders in the world to be a leader in design thinking for workplaces. Their mission is to help people feel good about coming to work through office space development. A few wow-factors of this space include the unlimited use of meeting rooms (free of charge!), the all-inclusive pricing, and, of course, the beautiful space design for which it is famous for.

JustCo 6 Raffles Quay This co-sharing space boasts a hip and unique design (race track circling the office, indoor bicycle stands, rustic swings) as well as a super friendly and helpful community team. It’s a great place to get inspired by the beautiful design and decor as well as your fellow coworkers. The beautiful workspace and unique design elements allow employees to immerse themselves in the environment, stepping away from the stress of the everyday grind.

Networking Events + Community Feel

WeWork 71 Robinson WeWork, the world’s largest coworking operator, recently opened their space on Robinson Road, their second location in Singapore. Besides providing users with an accomplished community and networking/event opportunities, you can also choose among several floors of coworking and private offices that cater to your very own needs. Whether you’re scaling up or down, from one to 100, there’s workspace here for your business. Meet a fellow We-Worker? Instant connection! Just watch your network expand…

JustCo @Robinson Whether its the sleek ping pong table or the old-school arcade and foosball machines, working at JustCo @ 120 Robinson Road just doesn’t feel like work. With a huge network of industry members, creative individuals, start-ups, and well known MNCs, JustCo has easily the biggest community in Singapore enabling you to connect, partner and collaborate. One of the most amazing aspects of this workspace is that it is inclusive of all industries. What does this mean for you? You will be able to learn from a wide variety of different companies, all stemming from different industries and expertise.

JustCo @Marina One is the only coworking space in Singapore’s newest iconic building, allowing space users to rub shoulders with some of the biggest companies in the world while being able to fit comfortably in JustCo’s friendly environment. The carefully-crafted space design of JustCo allows for networking and community events to be held comfortably. Prepare to network here at JustCo @MarinaOne!

Industry Peers; Niche Community

80RR (formerly known as Lattice 80) is rebranding and expanding to more floors in the 80 Robinson Road building (located at the junction of Robinson Road and Boon Tat Street) to house more “international and local FinTech community startups and companies.” Set in the center of the financial district, the space is located close to tons of food options (great for client meetings) and event spaces, all while being in walking distance to both the Telok Ayer and Raffles Place MRT stations. Mr. Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer for MAS stressed the importance of a “vibrant and collaborative office space” for a successful FinTech ecosystem. Clearly, this is a perfect, very niche office space if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the Fintech world (in Singapore and beyond).

Final Thoughts

Our industry experts at GorillaSpace are firm believers that Singapore’s coworking alley is an exciting place for startups, SMEs, and corporates to work. The constant hustle and bustle is contagious, and it’s almost impossible not to feel energized working there. Not to mention the unbeatable location… Interested in being a part of this community? Visit the corresponding coworking space by clicking the links above. Many offer a cowork 24-7 feature (24-7 access)! If you are keen to explore other coworking spaces, or perhaps are in need of an event space or training room, check out GorillaSpace. It is completely free to use with instant results! Our industry experts are waiting for you. срочный займ на карту сбербанказайм онлайн москвазайм онлайн 24 часа взять займ на киви без отказавива займ личный кабинетманимен продлить займ

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