5 Things To Consider When Finding a Coworking Space in Singapore

With so many coworking spaces in Singapore mushrooming… it gets harder and harder to choose the right one.  Even after visiting 3 or 5 or *gulp* 10 coworking spaces, it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis.  

Since starting GorillaSpace, I can say honestly that I have worked out of every coworking space in Singapore, well almost all… People invariably ask us “Which is the best coworking space?”  Our answer is “it depends”.  The perfect coworking space will tick the boxes you need. There is always the right space for the right company at the right time, but you need to know what to look out for.

Best coworking spaces have these 5 key factors

1. Coworking spaces that have meeting rooms as well as quiet workspaces

A good coworking space is one that is conducive for both collaborative work and quiet head-down time.  In one full productive day – we have the needs for both types of work.  Open-plan offices can be distracting for concentrated work.  It is hard to get any work done if everyone around is having a video conference call or speaking loudly.  

You want easy access to private phone booths to have a phone conversation.  Soundproof, if not sound-isolated.  You can book meeting rooms easily in or close to the coworking space to host a client or hold a team meeting.

2. Coworking that has a community

Who you work with, matters!

A great coworking space will have a community or members’ manager who is a connector.  He/she listens, knows who needs what and is there to help members help each other solve problems.  The role is to help the community help itself to flourish and make business happen.  

Some shared offices use the term “coworking” because they have an open-plan office space and the office space is shared among different people.  These do not have a community or members’ manager to facilitate connections.  You may not feel you need a community manager to make connections – just good people to work with.

3. Work place Design is thoughtful

Great workplace design is more than a couple of bean bags thrown against funky colored walls.

When you’re visiting the coworking space, test by taking a seat at the desk.  Does it feel comfortable?  Can you see your screen or read documents without squinting your eyes?  


4. Good coworking spaces has easy-to-access location

Location is important for the convenience of your business.  Can you and your team get to and from work easily?  A good location doesn’t necessarily need to be in the CBD.  Many good coworking spaces fit the location bill as they’re close to transport lines, making it easy to get to and from work.

A good option may be to work on the CBD fringe and get a meeting room in the CBD when you have client meetings.

Meeting Room

5. Coworking offices that support business expansion

As your business grows, are you able take more seats in the coworking space?  If there is a waitlist, it’s highly likely that you may have to move offices when it’s full.   When your business scales down, are you able to give up seats without penalty?  This one is easy to forget, but it is a must to consider. 

Looking for the best coworking spaces that support your business?

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